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Hi, I’m Violet! I am a pleasure expert, and I work with women to have incredible sex, heal from sexual trauma, and to build lasting, loving partnerships. If you’re ready to:

  • Fall completely in love with yourself
  • Become a multi-orgasmic woman
  • Have mind-blowing, soul-shaking, bed-rocking sex
  • Heal and reveal your most beautiful, radiant self
  • Attract and enjoy the deep, soul-connecting love of your life

Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome home sister!

Latest Blog Posts

The Dark Side of Being Vulnerable

In my Facebook Live video last week on how to draw a man closer, there were quite a few women who commented and said something that shocked me…  They said, “when I try to be vulnerable it doesn’t work.”  Whoa.  This took me by surprise for two reasons.  One, I feel...

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Are men doing their part too?

If you ever wonder...why do I have to do "work" to attract my partner? Or, Why aren't men stepping up and doing their work too? The good news is there are decent guys out there who are becoming even greater. The bad news is that a successful relationship does take...

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Are you really “fine?”

How funny is it that we pretend or hide our feelings with men! How many times have you said, or heard another woman say, “Oh, I'm fine.” “I'm good.” But really, you know it’s not the truth. Sometimes this pretending happens because we’re angry… Sometimes it happens...

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