Hi, I’m Violet

“I help successful women feel more pleasure in their bodies and love in their hearts in order to reclaim their feminine essence and reignite their souls’s desires.”

I am a PLEASURE EXPERT. I work with women to heal from sexual abuse, to have incredible sex, and to build lasting, loving partnerships. I have my MBA from Harvard, am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, and have been coaching women for the last 7 years. Through my own journey of healing sexual abuse, I am an expert on the path of pleasure and a guide for moving through pain and towards ecstatic joy.

If you’re ready to:

  • Fall completely in love with yourself
  • Become a multi-orgasmic woman
  • Have mind-blowing, soul-shaking, bed-rocking sex
  • Heal and reveal your most beautiful, radiant self
  • Attract and enjoy the deep, soul-connecting love of your life

Then I’d love to work with you.

What might our time together do for you?

“I loved my sessions with Violet.”

They were so special and intimate and uniquely designed to fit my needs. She made me feel so comfortable and I felt loved the entire time we were together and that she truly cared. I got more out of one session with her than any therapy I’ve ever had. Each session was different and customized to what I was feeling and going through at the time. I released so much of the sadness and frustration I was holding on to from a recent break up and at the end of my session, I felt my energy shift and felt lighter and more free than I’ve ever. I can honestly say that the work we did together helped instantly and I am so grateful to have worked with her and would highly recommend her. Especially to those feeling lost or stuck in their work or with their relationships. I loved that she sent me copies of the mediations we worked on together and gave me homework so I could practice on my own. In a word, Violet is amazing!!!


It took me a while to find my own path of pleasure.

I overworked and tried to be perfect — but I was in perfect pain. I had an eating disorder. I survived sexual abuse as a child.

I often dreaded sex. I’d stay in the bathroom to pick at my skin, or stay up late working just to avoid the discomfort of disappointing my partner. I also avoided sex because it triggered me. It brought up memories and bodily sensations of trauma from many years prior. My body literally shut down in a post-traumatic freeze response and I either dissociated from my experience or had to push him away.

I once even had a boyfriend yell at me while we were both naked and I was triggered by the lighting and time of day. “Why don’t you like sex!?” he shouted.

Words cannot describe how broken and unlovable I felt.

That was when I knew I needed to get help. I started going to somatic therapy (which I strongly recommend for survivors of abuse), and it helped tremendously. I began to heal on every level.

My ability to enjoy sex and be in a healthy relationship accelerated when I started to heal my sexuality. All the therapy, meditation, and yoga I had devoted myself to was GREAT. But it wasn’t fully healing my vagina.

When I had a miscarriage in 2015 it hit me that I had to heal myself on a physical level. I was looking for resources but didn’t know where to turn.

I needed effective, simple and FAST tools to take me where I wanted to go – to be a sexual rockstar, to feel so delicious in my body, to climax as often as I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I didn’t want to wait for another long and expensive training. I didn’t want to carry my trauma around forever.

When I met my fiance, I knew how special of a connection we had because I had met him in my dreams. Literally!

I wanted the sex to be incredible, mind-blowing, and most importantly, connected. I wanted g-spot orgasms and clitoral orgasms. I wanted to feel sexy. I wanted to feel normal. I wanted to enjoy sex for ME. And to see him enthralled by my pleasure.

The tools on The Pleasure Path brought me to amazing heights – I became so sensitized to pleasure and sensation in my body that I could orgasm vaginally without my partner or a vibrator. I could experience ecstasy simply from his kiss and my own turn on.

I experienced deep healing of trauma – the abuse and miscarriage – and deep connection to myself. I became the sex goddess of my own life!

Are you ready to feel amazing in your body, in your relationships, and with your sexuality?

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With so much joy and appreciation,



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